23 March 2015 - Vanuatu Donations

24 October 2014 - Southbank G20 Sign Ceremony

Southbank G20 Sign

28 September 2014 - Memorial Bench
The memorial bench was completed with the assistance of many of the regular shed participants. Timing was critical - well done gents!  Photos and captions tell the remainder of the story.

Memorial Bench

20 September 2014 - Workshop Erected
The shed was erected commencing Thursday and completed to lockup on Saturday.  Certifier is scheduled to inspect later this week. Ben Warner has been the project manager and his commitment and efforts has been instrumental as are a great number of
members that can take credit either directly or indirectly to get this project to fruition.  Well done gents!

Shed - Sep 2014

5 Aug 2014 - Letter "N" Completed for Brisbane G20 Sign

Letter N
Project Ma
nager Ben Warner led a large group of shed members in the construction of the three meter 3D letter "N" as part of the QMSA development of the the "BRISBANE" sign to be on display on the riverbank for the G20 event.  Our contribution was transported to Qld Children's Week for a decorated canvas skin.  The completed sign will be on display from 24 October to 16 November. 

Alan Doyle and President Matt Stevenson stand proudly in front of the complete
d sign.

17 July 2014 - Planning Application Approved

Finally, after resolving a number of issues, referral to the state planning office as our location is listed on the state contaminated land register, and successfully appealing a state planning condition, Redland City Council issued a decision notice facilitating the next step in the building process.  

4 April 2014 - Planning Application Submitted

Drawings, planning application and fees were submitted to Redland City Council.  This completes the first step in the formal process.

14 December 2013 - AHMS X'Mas Party

AHMS members and partners enjoyed a pleasant afternoon barbeque in a prelude to the the Christmas festive season. Lindsay and Wayne thank those that attended for the participation and providing the various delicacies. In turn, we thank Lindsay and Wayne for the organising, effort and great time had by all! Incidentally, the door prize (the clock) was won by El Presidente - Matt. 

10 December 2013 - Equipment Repair Work

The AHMS picked up a large number of bycycles, tricycles and wheelchairs from the local bayside schools. These items will be repaired during the school break ready for use by disabled students at the start of school in the new year.
6 December 2013 - Santa Chair

A Santa's Chair was built and used by RCC for the recent Christmas celebrations at the annual Raby Bay venue.

21 November 2013 - Cluster Barbeque

Over fifty members from Bayside, Island, Redland Bay and Cleveland sheds joined us for a cluster barbeque. There was good exchange of ideas and camaraderie with more events anticipated in the future.

17 November 2013 - RCC Grant Approval

The Small Capital Grant Application submitted in August was approved by the RCC. The AHMS now have conditional funding of $10,000 for the purchase and construction of "workshop" facility. Landowner and building approval must be obtained prior to commencing any work.

8 October 2013 – Flag Pole Refurbished

The old flag pole was lowered, sanded, primed and painted. As well the pulleys and robes were replaced and the pole raised by the end of the day.  See photos section for visual appreciation.

16 September 2013 – Councillors’ Small Grant Request Submitted

A divisional Councillors’ Small Grant Request was prepared and submitted with two quotes for a ventilation / dust extraction equipment for the small projects area. 

11 September 2013 – First Public Meeting

Today we held our first public meeting in the “Shed”.  The AHMS has officially opened the premises at 38a Williams Street. After much effort, plenty of ingenuity and lots of effort and work, we finally obtained the Permit to Occupy from the Redland City Council.

15 August 2013 – Small Capital Grant Application Submitted

A Small Capital Grant Application was submitted to the RCC requesting $10,000 to assist with the purchase of a dedicated heavy machinery workshop. The RCC will release the outcome on 16 November.

25 February 2013 - Key Handover

At 14:30, the Deputy Mayor, Cr Allen Beard presented the Permit and Keys to the Executive members of the AHMS on site.

The site is classified as a “construction site” which means, ONLY persons with a white card will be able to enter the site.  The site will be managed by our Building Manager, Mr Mark Howkins a registered builder and member of AHMS. He along with the building committee will organise, labour, materials, and tradesmen as necessary.

22 February 2013

The temporary fencing will be installed, and work will commence on Wednesday 20/03/2013. All members are urged to acquire a white card so that we can all assist on this project. The Redland Council is assisting the financial members of AHMS to acquire this card so all members that want to assist in the renovations can do so. Our main objective is to complete the “priority” list as quickly as possible, so we can occupy the building as a Men’s Shed.

The Alex Hills Men's Shed team have been working hard on refurbishing their new Shed since it was handed over in February 2013. As you can see from the slide show below, they have been working hard to enable them to use this area. Their aim is to have the building out of the construction phase and utilising it as a meeting place by June or July this year. This will only be possible with the support of members and their freely given time over the next few months. They should all be congratulated for the work and time they have put into this project, because without it this building would still be unusable.

15 February 2013 - We have been given a permit to occupy the building as a construction site, to do some much needed renovations and additions and to bring the building up to the required building code standards.

Developments so far:
Our Engineers report has been completed by John House, and submitted to Council. The Pest Doctor has put control measures in place to eradicate the white ants. And now, we have to get the building certified for what we want to use it for. All our fund-raising efforts and a substantial donation by the Redlands R.S.L. has enabled us to be able to hire some temporary fencing for up to twelve months, and pay for roof and floor repairs. The building is classified a "construction site" until renovations bring us up to the required building code standards. Keep watching for further updates.

Building Plans
Since our last meeting and over the Christmas period the Alexandra Hills Men's Shed commissioned a Building certifier Mr Phil Parkes, Director of Building Code Approval Group, to check the building and organise certification.  A meeting with him, council members, President  & Secretary of AHMS was held on site at the shed.  Mr Brett Davies from Davies Drafting & Design was commissioned to draw up plans of the existing building and add the necessary alterations to fulfill regulatory requirements. This was completed just after Christmas and these plans were submitted to Council for approval. Waiting further developments......

Well we finally have a home

Yes, the old Scout Hall at 38a Williams Street, Birkdale is now officially the Alexandra Hills Men’s Shed.