Photos and Videos of Our Events

Flag Pole Refurbishment

 Our First Flag raising on completing the refurbishment of the old flag pole. This included lowering the pole, brushing, sanding, priming and painting.  As well, the pulleys and ropes were replaced and raising the pole was quite an effort as well.  So now we're all set for the next official happening.  By the way there is still some debate as to determination of the right and left side with respect to the building. Leave your suggestion including  your reference in the box at the shed.  8/10/2013

Alex Hills Men's Shed location before work is to
              be carried out

Alex Hills Men's Shed is located at Williams St and Crown Rd, Birkdale.  As you can see from the picture below there is a lot of work to be carried out and we are resolving the problems as they arise.

Group Photo

Members of the Alex Hills Men's Shed group taken at the Shed's location in November 2012. Hover over the face to see the members name.

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Bunnings$100 Gift Voucher Winner

Bunnings $100 Gift voucher winner Jan

Our first Bunnings Barbeque Dec 2012

Bunnings Barbeque Dec 2012

Our first Garage Sale was held at the Redlands PCYC at Capalaba, which was sponsored by both Bunnings and the Redland PCYC.

Garage Sale sponsored by PCYC and

Ghee Loi helped us by busking at the garage sale

GThee Loi busking at the garage sale

Macka at Bunnings
                                                March 2013

Alex Hills Men's Shed had a barbeque to raise money for "Macka" Ross on Sunday 24th March 2013 at Bunnings Capalaba.

This was a tremendous success with over $1500 b
eing raised to help "Macka" purchase some specialised equipment to make his life a little easier. Thank you to all those who supported

this day and a special thank you to those who helped out at Bunnings.

The amount raised was a record for any barbecue at Bunnings and shows what we can do.

Alex Hills Men's Shed's Resident Security Guard. This python has taken up residence in the Men's Shed and is known as the "Resident Security Guard".

phyton has taken up residence and is know
                      as the resident security guard

Alex Hills Men's Shed members providing Musical Entertainment at the Hand Made Expo.

                                      Entertainment from Alex Hills
                                      Men's shed at Hand Made Expo March